Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animatsuri 2013

Eelmine nädalavahetus toimus taaskord Animatsuri. Meil oli seekord isegi oma müüginurgake, kus müüsime riideid, kingi, parukaid ning ka väheke animenänni. Müümine läks üsna hästi, nii et järgmine aasta teeme seda vast jälle.
Animatsuri (a con in Estonia) was held again last weekend. This time we even had our own small table, where we could sell stuff. It went quite well, so we will probably also sell stuff next year. 

Enamus ajast olin Animatsuril lauas kinni ja ei saanud seega eriti palju ringi liikuda. Õnneks olid mul toredad kaaslased, kelle aega veeta. Müüdud asjade eest soetasin endale Arpakasso. Süüdistan selles Makat, kuna tema alustas Arpakasso maaniaga. Lõpuks olid kõigil Arpakassod ♥
I was stuck at the table most of the time at Animatsuri, so I really didn't have a chance to move around that much. Luckily I had friends with me so it wasn't that boring.   I bought myself an Arpakasso for the stuff I sold. I blame it on Maka, because she was the one who got the first Arpakasso. At the end of the day everyone had one ♥

Maka ja minu Arpakasso / Our Arpakassos. Mine is the one with the tophat

Anyway, siin paar pilti, mis ma veel Animatsuril klõpsutasin.
Anyway here are a few pictures from Animatsuri.

With Maka Sasha Braus 

Esimese päeva outfit. Kahjuks ei saanud ma sellest korralikku pilti Dx
Outfit from the first day. Sadly I didn't get a proper picture of my outfit Dx

Pluus/Blouse: Moitie
Boolero/Bolero: Atelier Pierrot
Seelik/Skirt: Moitie
Korsett/corset: Miho Matsuda
Peakaunistus/Headaccessory: Alice and the Pirates
Aksessuaarid/Accessories: BPN, Alchemy Gothic, pureblackGothicLabo

 Teise päeva outfit. Plaanis oli Ero Lolita, aga kui hästi see mul õnnestus, on omaette küsimus. Peaks rohkem nahka näitama u_u'
Outfit from the second day. It was supposed to be Ero Lolita, but I'm not really sure how well I managed with it. Got to show more skin u_u'

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot
Cageskirt: Triple Fortune
Overskirt: BPN
Tophat: Alice and the Pirates
Accessories: BPN, Alchemy Gothic

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A small shopping haul and other stuff

Augusti jooksul sai jälle natuke tavaari ostetud, et oma lolita garderoobi veidike suurendada. Kõige olulisem ost oli minu jaosk AatP Grizabella peakaunistus. Sain oma sõbrannat õnneks ss'ina kasutada ja seega tolli vältida. Toll ju ilmselgelt armastab mind. Kingad tollis, VM peakaunistus ka tollis. Tahaks loota, et mu GLB jõuavad ilma tollita minuni. Kingadest ja VM peakaunistust pole veel kätte saanud, nii et pildid tulevad tulevikus.
I bought a few things in august in order to make my lolita wardrobe a bit bigger. The most important item which I bought was Grizabella headdres from Aatp. I used my friend as a ss in order to avoid customs, because customs just love me. My shoes are in customs and so is my VM headdress. I do hope that my GLB will arrive here without customs. Oh and since I don't have my shoes nor my VM headdress yet, I can't take a picture of them, but pictures will follow in the future. 

Vahepeal sain ka oma 8€ paruka kätte. Näeb küll ilus välja,aga pole just väga tihe ning kammides langeb palju juukseid välja. Olen kuulnud, et odavad parukad võivad ka  head olla ja tahtsin seepärast proovida. Kuid jah, 8-eurone parukas on liiga odav. Vähemalt ei pidanud ma saatekulusid maksma ja paar korda saab sellega ikka käia. Tulevikus lihtsalt enam nii odavaid ei osta.
I also got my 8€ wig. It does look pretty, but it isn't that thick and when I brush it hair comes out. I have heared that cheaper wigs can also be good, so I wanted to give it a shot. But yeah, a 8€ wig is just too cheap. At least I didn't have to pay for the shipping and I can wear it a few times. I just wont buy cheap wigs like that in the future. 

Animatsuri on lähenemas, nii et tegelen oma co-ordide välja mõtlemisega. Maskiballi oma on teada ja pühapäevane ero lolita on samuti välja mõeldud, aga laupäevane outfit on veel puudu D: Arvatavasti lähen Atelier Pierrot'is sinna.
Animatsuri is getting closer, so I'm trying to figure my co-ords out. I already know what I'm going to wear for the maskball and that I'll do ero lolita on sunday, but I don't have any ideas for saturday. Will probably go in Atelier Pierrot. 

Meisterdasin vahepeal ka ühe peakaunistuse ning mu lemmikud kunstripsmed jõudsid kohale ♥
I also made a headdress at one point and my favourite fake eyelashes arrived ♥

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lolita level

Found this one on So let's give it a try shall we.


You’ve been to egl.
You’ve posted on egl, without an onslaught of ‘USE THE MEMORIES’ and likewise.
You’ve bought a lolita mook.
You’ve picked a favorite brand.
You’ve ordered your first item.
You’ve worn a full outfit.
You’ve worn a full outfit out in public.
You’ve worn a full outfit and posted photos of it on the Internet.
You know what JSK, OP, and cutsew all mean.
You’ve bought your first brand piece.
You know your measurements.
You know you shoe size – in American, European, and Japanese.
You know who Mr. Yan is.

You know who Mana is. (+1 points if you know his band. +2 points if you know his brand. +3 points if you know why he’s featured in every GLB. +4 if you have a shrine to him in your closet.)
You know who Maki and Asuka are. (+2 if you’ve met Maki and Asuka).
You’ve watched Kamikaze Girls. (+1 if you know the real name of this movie. +2 if you know who wrote the book this was based on. +3 if you’ve also read the manga or novel. +4 if you love the author despite his criminal record).
You own a wig. (+1 if you own more than 2.)
You own a pair of falls.
You can identify lace on the spot.
You can identify an item’s brand on the spot.

You can identify the year a dress was made by a specific brand on the spot.
You can name several different dresses or prints.
You answer stock photo requests.
You mod a lolita community. (even tho it's really small ;^; )
You decorate your nails. (+1 if you wear fake nails. +2 if you make fake nails.)
You own a pair of a rocking horse shoes. (+1 if you know their abbreviation.)
You’ve made your own rose corsage.
You’ve made anything out of your brand dress’s waist ties.
You’ve made anything out of a matching eco tote. (+3 if you were the first one to do it, you think).
You know how to apply false eyelashes.
You know how to pronounce shirring.
You know how to pronounce Moi-meme-moitie, or Metamorphose tempes de fille.
You know a reliable shopping service.

You bid on Yahoo!Japan or Mbok.
You’ve been to a meetup.
You’ve planned a meetup.

You’ve planned a meetup with catering or more than 20 attendees.
You’ve met up with lolitas while on vacation to foreign or faraway locales.
You’ve seen a lolita fashion show.
You’ve seen a brand fashion show.
You’ve modeled in a lolita fashion show.
You’ve modeled in a brand lolita fashion show.
You wear bloomers.
You know how to make bloomers.
You tell other people to wear bloomers.

You draw lolita art, write a lolita blog, or provide the community with some sort of creative services.
You’ve taken purikura in lolita.

You’ve decorated your room/house/apartment in lolita style.
You’ve listened to lolita music.
You’ve learned kana.
You’ve learned enough Japanese to read a magazine.

You wear or own circle lenses.
You’ve been called a princess by a young child.
You’ve dressed up a friend.
You’ve convert a friend.
You’ve been in media (television, newspaper, magazine). (+2 points if it’s Japanese media.)
You’ve learned a handicraft, like jewelry making, embroidery, or sewing.
You’ve become a lolita mentor.
You’ve attended lolita events at an anime or multi-genre convention.
You’ve organized or presented lolita events at a convention.
You’ve visited a brand shop.
Trip to Japan!
You’ve dressed up and gone out alone.
You’re prepared for inclement or colder weather in lolita (coat, parasol, boots, gloves, other climate-specific items.)

You’ve learned face contouring.
You’ve made a lolita valentine.
You’ve got a lolita pen pal or online lolita friends.
You have local lolita friends.
You know how to modify clothes that don’t fit you.

You know how to dress for your body type.
You’ve been in a street snap.
You’ve been to multiple world locations of the same brand store (BABY Paris, BABY Tokyo, BABY San Francisco, etc.)
You’ve created a makeup/hair/sewing tutorial.
You’ve sold hand-created lolita goods.
You have your own lolita fashion line.
You’ve gotten a lolita haircut, style, or color.
You’ve mixed other street fashions with lolita.
You’ve thrown a lolita party/had a lolita wedding.
You’ve dressed your child/small children in lolita or kodona style.
You’ve successfully cross-dressed in lolita style at least once (boystyle for girls and girls’ clothing for guys).
You’ve lolified or made sure all the contents of your purse are cute (wallet, lipgloss, keyring, etc.)
You have a lolita pet (small dogs, cats, rabbits, exotic birds, fancy fish) or have dressed/accessorized your pet (bows or pet clothes).
You’ve dressed your significant other or dated someone who dresses in J-fashion/alternative fashion.
You’ve read Alice in Wonderland. (+1 if you’ve seen the animated movie or other variations, +2 if you’ve seen more than one variation, +3 if you own more than one variation)
You’ve dressed as Alice or another Wonderland character in lolita style, or own Alice themed items.
You’ve made something from a Japanese pattern.
You’ve found, bought, or made lolita underwear (bras and panties).
You wear lolita daily, or have gone 7 days straight wearing only lolita.
You have lolita calling cards or business cards.
You play a lolita instrument (i.e., piano, violin, harp, French horn… well any instrument really.)
You can translate yen to your country’s currency in your head. (+1 if you can convert other currencies you shop with as well. +2 if you read the news to know how the yen is doing.)
You’ve sold lolita clothing online (secondhand, egl_comm_sales).
Your article or entry has been put into the egl memories.
You take photos of your outfits/daily outfit photos.
You’ve posted to daily_lolita.
You own a petticoat. (+1 if you own more than one. +2 if you wear three or more at a time).
You’ve bought a lucky pack.
You keep a style diary or look-book.
You can put together an outfit made entirely from offbrand.
You’ve bought offbrand or non-Japanese brand.

Starry Celebrity (lvls 61 – 80) On page six of the lolita world, you’ve risen to the ring of the upper crust.