Monday, December 8, 2014

Halloween meetup + november meetup

Behind-the-schedule-chan is back. This time with a report about the last 2 meetups.

We held out halloween meetup on the first of november, so Valeria could attend it. We went to a cafe, ate and had a wonderful time just chatting with each other. After that we met up with our lovely tour guide Liine for a ghost tour. The tour was so awesome. We walked around the old town and heared legends etc about Tallinn. The tour lasted for about 2 hours. In the end it was quite cold, but all the storys were really intresting and with a funny twist, so time really flew.  This was one of the best meetups we have had until now (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

 Missing one lolita on this picture ;A;

 I adored Katrinas coord ( ˘ ³˘)❤

I wasn't that happy with my coord, but it guess it will do ._.

Skirts (there are 3! of them) Atelier Boz, BPN x2
Vest: BPN
Blouse: Classical Puppets
Headdress: Aatp and offbrand

The actual november meetup was held in Tartu. We went to see The Phantom of the Opera. I was ready to be disappointed (because I’m a rather pessimistic person ), but it was really good. I left my camera at Tallinn, so there aren't really any photos from that meetup

Such gothic-chans. Katrina was a sweet lolita undercover.

I really should start writing about meetups the day after we have them and not a month later (✖╭╮✖)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Animatsuri 2014 and other stuff

It’s been a while. I have been really really busy with school. I hope it will get better from now on and I'll have time to blog more about my lolita life  ( ;A; ) 
Anyway~ around the end of september there was a con called Animatsuri in Tartu. We had a lolita booth there and sold our stuff.  I managed to sell 3 of my old Anna House dresses, that have been sitting in my closet for about 5 years now. I really hope they found nice homes and the buyers are happy with their new dresses ♥ I also held a presentation there about lolita fashion. I hope it was interesting enough for people. I really couldn’t tell if it went well or not. I always get super nervous when I have to talk in front of an audience  :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

My coord from the first day:
Blouse, dress, headdress: Atelier Pierrot
Shoes: Queen Bee
Socks: Enchantlic Enchantilly

 My coord from the second day
Headdress, JSK, Bolero: Alice and the Pirates
Shoes: Queen Bee

And as a bonus - a gif from me and Katrina ♥

A week (?) after Animatsuri the most unbelivable thing happened. I was on my way to a lecture when a girl came up to me and started talking about lolita fashion. I was so surprised that someone actually knew something about lolita fashion. Since I was in a hurry we exchanged contacts and added eachother later on fb etc. So now we have an italian lolita in our community!  ( we already had a meetup with her but I'll blog about that next time )

And last but not least - my Awilda skirt arrived♥

Monday, September 1, 2014

A visitor from Austria

Last week my lovely friend Sylvia from Austria came to visit me. We have known eachother for about 12 years now ♥ We held a small meetup in her honor. At first everyone was supposed to come to the meetup,  but as the date got nearer a lot of people sadly cancelled. We went to Kadriorg art museums exhibition and had a look at Eveline von Maydell's A World in Black and White. I really liked her stuff.

 Sylvia being pretty as always ♥♥

After the museum we headed to Cafe Mademoiselle (the one at Paldiski road ) which wasn't as good as I had hoped. Sure the cakes were good, but the person in charge wasn't. We had a reservation at 3 o'clock, but we ended up getting there earlier. I asked the staff about our reservation since we were there too early and there were people sitting at the place where we had a reservation. It wouldn't have been a problem for us to sit at a different place though, since the place was almost empty.

The cashier went to the guy who was in charge to ask about the reservation. He came out for a bit, looked at us and went back to where ever he came from without saying a word to us. We stood there without any information for about 10 minutes and then asked the cashier again. The girl went back to ask again and then came out only to tell us that since we were too early the place we wanted was taken, which as I said before, wasn't really a problem since we could have sat elsewhere. She then guided us to another place and they pushed a few tables togehter. The service itself was nice, but the guy who was in charge of the reservations really ruined the whole thing for me. 

Katrina infront of the cakes ♥

After the cakes we wen't to look for another place to eat something more filling. We walked around and ended up at Kapten Tenkeš. The service was really friendly + the food was good and we discovered that one of our lolitas was (and still is) a small celebrity there. She lives near the place so the staff always sees her and calls her Jane Eyre  (๑>ᴗ<๑)

After that most of the people went home. Katrina came with me and Sylvia to my place and we ended up talking for a few hours and Katrina almost missed her last train home since we had so much fun (✿◠‿◠)

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot
Vest: Alice and the Pirates
Corset: BPN
Skirt: Atelier Boz
Tricorn: Corgi-Corgi

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photoshoot/Meetup at Alatskivi Castle

I haven't updated in a long time. Sorry about that. So yeah I'm only going to write in english form now in order to save time (+ my local community started a lolita blog in estonian ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ so there is no need for me to write here in estonian anymore)

 Alatskivi Castle

Anyway last week we had a photoshoot/meetup in Tartu. We went to Aaltskivi castle and took a few pictures there. It was really great to see everyone again, since we haven't had a normal meetup for quite a long time. I was too busy with my thesis etc and then the others were too busy.  Everyone was really well dressed. I was so happy. When I was on my way to Tartu it rained a lot and there was even lightning. A fellow lolita, who was already in Tartu, messaged me that it was also raining there, so I was quite depressed, since I thought that we couldn't have a photoshoot. It kept raining and raining, but once we arrived at Alatskivi the weather cleared up and it was really nice. 

After the photoshoot we drove back to Tartu, where we ate, walked around, talked and played some lolita related games. It was really fun to test my lolita knowledge. 

I'm such a sweet lolita with the AP rings and Katrina is so gothic.

Fooling around

Dress, blouse: Atelier Pierrot
Headdress: Alice and the Pirates
Accessories: BPN, Alchemy Gothic, off-brand
Shoes: Queen Bee

Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's alive vol 2

Lõputöö kaitstud ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Oma hobist on ikkagi kõige parem kirjutada, siis on rohkem motivatsiooni. // Defended my thesis ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ It really is best to write about ones hobby, since one has more inspiration that way. 
 Source : I don't remember where I got it from ;_; If someone knows the source then please tell me.

Ahja, saime (Eesti lolitad) ettepaneku osaleda ühes saates ning tutvustada oma riideid. Ütlesime ära.  Lolitasid ei ole seni saadetes just eriti hästi kajastatud ja ma kahtlen, et Eesti kajastus parem oleks tulnud. Parem ei öelda ja oma asju rahus edasi teha. Inimesed suhtuvad niikuinii meisse kui veidrikesse. Viimati juhtus mulgi üks veider seik. Ületasin tänavat, kui äkki jooksis üks neiu mööda. Alguses arvasin,et ta pani midagi mu kotist pihta või nii, kuid ta haaras hoopis oma kaamera ja hakkas mind pildistama. Kogu selle aja jooksul ei öelnud ta sõnagi, lihtsalt pildistas edasi. Poleks uskunud,et Eestis midagi sellist juhtuda võib. Väga ebameeldiv kogemus igal juhul (¬_¬) 

Oh, and we (the Estonian lolitas) were asked to participate in a tv-show to show our clothes. We said no. Lolitas haven't really been pictured nicely on tv-shows until now. I doubt that the Estonian version would have been better.  So I think it was better to say no and to continue doing our stuff like we have done until now. People think we're weird anyway. A few weeks ago I got to feel the "weirdness" in a special way. I was crossing the street when a girl ran past me. At first I thought that she stole sth form me, but then she took out her camera and started taking pictures of me.  And all that without saying a word. She just kept taking photos. I wouldn't have thought that something like this would happen in Estonia. It was really unpleasant (¬_¬)

Outfit tollest päevast (ma ei suutnud eriti naeratada pärast toda juhtumit) // my outfit of that day (couldn't really smile after that incident)

Pluus // blouse: Moitie
Seelik // skirt: Atelier Boz
Korsett // corset: BPN
Peakaunistus // headdress: Triple Fortune

Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lõputöö // Thesis

See pilt võtab enam-vähem kokku mu viimased kuud. Nüüd oli küll nädal puhkust olnud, kuid suurema osa sellest veetsin ma voodis haigena. // This picture pretty much summarises my last few months. I did have a break this week, but I managed to get sick and was stuck in bed.

Korra jõudsin ma siiski end tuulutada ning käisin Katrinaga "Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach 300" kontserdil. Hästi tore kontsert oli ja saal oli välja müüdud. Inimesed olid meie riietusest väga vaimustusest ning me saime üsna palju komplimente (。・ω・。) // I did manage to go to the "Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach 300" concert with Katrina. It was really good and the whole place was sold out. The people there seemed to like our dresses quite a lot since we got a lot of compliments (。・ω・。)

Suutsin pildil derpida, nii et nägu valgeks ლ(´﹏`ლ)
I was derping on the picture so I had to cover my face ლ(´﹏`ლ)

Seekord ei jaga outfitshoti, kuna ma ei jäänud oma riietusega rahule. Mu outfit oli suht tagasihoidlik ja parukas polnud alguses üldse plaanis, aga siis kõik muutus ja mul polnud aega enam uut outfit'i välja mõelda   (;´Д`) // No outfitshot this time since I wasn't really happy with my co-ord. It was quite modest and I didn't plan on wearing a wig at first, but then everything changed and I didn't have time to think of a new outfit (;´Д`)

Seda lugu mängiti ka kontserdil // This song was also played at the concert

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March meetup

Laupäeval toimus igakuine lolitade kokkusaamine. Coord'i* mõtlesin ma välja päev enne sinna minekut ja see tegevus oli üsna masendav. Mitte miski ei sobinud ja polnud küllalt hea. Lõpuks oli mu põrand lihtsalt riideid täis. Proovisin vist kuute eri coord'i ja lõpuks läksin ikka seitsmenda versiooniga.  // We had our monthly meetup on saturday. I made up the co-ord a day before the meetup and it was quite depressing. I wasn't pleased with anything. In the end my floor was covered with clothes. I tried on about 6 different co-ords and ended up going with a 7th one on the next day.

Selline nägi mu põrand välja // This is what my floor looked like

Seekord külastasime Kiek in de Kök muuseumit, kus oli peamiseks eesmärgiks  vaadata "Mõisamujnasjutud" fotonäitus. Need pildid olid nii ilusad ja andsid kõvasti uut inspiratsiooni üheks korralikuks pildistamiseks mõnes mõisas, mis on idee poolest juba aastaid plaanis olnud. Loodetavasti saame suvel selle ära tehtud. // We visited a museum called Kiek in de Kök, where the main goal was to see the photo exhibition "Mõisamuinasjutud" (manor fairy tales). The photos were really pretty and they gave me a lot of inspiration to finally do a photoshoot in a manor.  The idea has been up for quite a while now but we never really went through with it. Maybe we will finally do it this summer.

Käisime veel teised püsinäitused läbi, külastasime kohvikut ja sellega oligi meetup enam-vähem läbi. Tore oli jälle inimesi üle pika aja näha. We looked at the other exhibitions, went to a caffe and with that our meetup was more or less over. It was really nice to see everyone again after a long time. 

Valge nägu, kuna ma suutsin silmad kinni pildile jääda  //
White face because I managed to close my eyes on the photo xD 
 Coord rundown:
Tophat: Atelier Boz
Pluu/Blouse: Atelier Pierrot
Kleit/JSK: Moitie

*coord/outfit - rõivastus? Pole üldse kindel, mis selle eestikeelne vaste olema peaks.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Kõgepealt hala:  ma ei näinudki Ellendet, kuna sain külmetuse endale kaela ( ;_; ) Ma siiski loodan,et näen neid kunagi live. Kuna nad on Austira bänd, siis saab ehk kunagi Sylviat nii külastatud, et Ellende esineb samal ajal Viinis ;A; //  First of all: I didn't see Ellende, because I was  a bit sick ( ;_; ) I'm hoping to see them when I visit Sylvia in the future,  since Ellende is from Austira. I'm pretty sure they play in Vienna from time to time, so there is hope ;A; 

 Ellende - Meer

 Ellende - Wind

Pühapäeval toimus turismimessil pisikene Jaapani moeshow. Õnneks meil eirit palju vaatajaid ei olnud, kuna samal ajal loositi mujal midagi välja. Aga ega ma selle üle kurda - mulle ei istu laval olemine xD Nii et mida vähem inimesi meid nägi, seda parem. // There was a small fashionshow on sunday. There weren't a lot of people watching us since there was a raffle somewhere else. But I won't complain, since I dislike being on the stage xD

Torukübar / Tophat: Atelier Boz
Pluus / Blouse: Moitie
Seelik / Skirt: Atelier Pierrot
Saapad / Boots: Queen Bee

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hellocon 2014 - part 2

Pühapäeval toimus Helloconi Tea Party. Pidime hotelli toast 12ks lahkuma ja passisime poolteist tundi veel all fuajees. Seal oli parajasti mingi redbulli uisutajate võistkond, kes meid väga kaua vaatasid. Üks pistis pea lausa posti tagant välja,et paremini näha. Aga eks see ole loomulik, me nägime ju siiski vaeva,et head välja näha Tea Party jaoks (*´・v・)

The Hellocon Tea Party was held on sunday. We had to leave our hotelroom at 12:00 so we just sat around in the hotel lobby for 1,5h. Some  redbull iceskating team was there and they stared at us for a long time. But I quess that's normal, since we did take our time to look our best for the Tea Party (*´・v・)

Tea Partyle jõudsime umbes 15 minutit enne uste avamist.  Inimesed olid end juba järjekorda võtnud ning me liitusime nendega. Mingil hetkel lasti meid ka sisse ja me nägime kõikide outfitte. Soome, vene ja austria/saksamaa lolitad on lihtsalt vapustavad. Ma ei väsi seda kordamast. Nad nägid kõik nii head välja. Ma tõesti imetlen neid ja loodan,et suudan kunagi sama hea olla ( ;A; ) 

We arrived at the Tea Party venue about 15 min before the opening. People were already in a line so we joined them. At some point we were let in and saw everyones outfit. The finnish/russian and austrian/german lolitas are so fabulous. I can't stop repeating it. Everyone looked so good. I truly admire them and hope that one day I will be as good as they are ( ;A; )

Kuna meid peasaali veel ei lastud otsustasime korra wc-st läbi hüpata. Kui me tagasi jõudsime, olid inimesed juba saalis ning istusid laudade taga. Oh sh*et, ega me ometi hilinenud?! Kappasin ruttu sisse ja siis kuulsin kuidas üks neiu mulle järele hüüdis. Ta arvas, et me alles saabusime väljast ja tahtis meie pileteid kontrollida. Ma jätsin endast kindlasti täieliku maamatsi mulje, kuna kõndisin alguses temast tuimalt mööda (;´Д`) Gawd see oli nii piinlik. Õnneks lahenes see olukord üsna kiiresti ja me saime kõik koos lauda nr 4 istuma.  

Since we weren't yet allowed to enter the mainhall we decided to go to the bathroom to check on our makeup etc. When we came back everyone was already inside and sitting behind the tables. Oh sh*et, has the even already started?! I went inside and heared a girl calling. She thought that we had just arrived and wanted to check our tickets. I probably made her think that I'm some kind of hillbilly, since I just walked past her at first (;´Д`) Gawd that was so embarrassing. Thankfully the situation was cleared out pretty fast and we all got to sit together at table nr 4.

Sealsed neiud olid taas hästi ilusad, kuid meie suhtlemine oli alguses üsna tagasihoidlik. See on vist nii eestlaste kui ka soomlaste ühine viga. Tahaks nagu teistega rääkida,aga teha ei julge midagi. Lõpuks  hakkasime siiski veidi rohkem rääkima. Mingil hetkel oli aeg tutvuda lähemalt Midori ja Yukoga. Midori oli üsna meie laua juures,  nii et sain vahepeal Sandraga juttu ajada, kuna ta oli taas tõlgiks. Ajasime veidi juttu, tegime pilti ja liikusime siis edasi Yuko järjekorda, kus kordus sama. Mingil hetkel toimus ka loterii. Ma kahjuks ei mäleta kas see oli enne või pärast Midori ja Yukoga kohtumist. Igatahes oli Maka esimene, kes midagi võitis :D

The girls at our table were so pretty, but we didn't really talk at first. It seems that the finns are as awkward  as we are when it comes to talking. Both would like to talk to eachother but they are just too shy. Luckily we did talk more as the event went on. At some point there was a meet and greet with Minori and Yuko. Minori was near our table, so I had a chance to talk to Sandra again. We talked a bit, had our photo taken and after that we went to Yuko to repeat the process. There was also a raffle, but I don't remember if it was held before the meet and greet or after it. Anyway, Maka was the first one to win something :D

Lõpupoole valisid Midori ja Yuko oma lemmikud outfitid osalejate seast välja. Midori valis ühe blondi neiu ja Yuko .... well... Ta otsis silmadega suhteliselt kaua keda valida. Ma olin kindel,et ta valib ühe venelastest või siis mõne soome lolita, kuna nende coordid olid lihtsalt nii head.  Kui ta  meie laua poole tulin, siis tõmbasin end tooliga eemale,et ta kenasti mööda mahuks ja vaatasin maha,  et mingit veidrat lootust ei tekiks. 

At the end of the Tea Party Midori and Yuko picked their favourite coords out. Midori chose a girl with blond hair and Yuko well... She was searching for someone for quite a long time. I was sure, that she will pick one of the russians or a finnish lolita, since their coords were really good. When she came towards our table I pulled my chair further back to the table so she could get through. And of course I avoided eye contact so I wouldn't get any dumb ideas about maybe having a chance or so.

Ja siis puudutas ta mu õlga. Eh?! EHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ei saa ju reaalne olla......  Kas ta tõsimeeli valis minu? Tõusin kuidagi lauast püsti ja järgmine hetk olin teistega laval. Sandra veel ütles, et ma seal ära ei sureks xD Midori vist seletas parajasti miks ta blondi neiu välja valis, aga ma ei suutnud seda kuulata. Olin liiga suures šokis. Ma ei tundud end väärilisena. Selles saalis oli nii palju vapustavaid lolitasid. Miks just mina? Ma ei saa millegagi korralikult hakkama ja mu stiil pole kaugelt nii hea,et see tunnustust vääriks (。´╹A╹`。) 

And then she touched my shoulder. Eh? EHHH!!!!!!!!! This can't be real .... Did she really pick me?  Somehow I got out of the chair and the next thing I knew I was on the stage. Sandra even told me not to die xD I think Midori was explaining why she chose the blond girl, but I couldn't really concentrate and listen to her. I was still in a shock (a postive one xD) I didn't feel like I deserved it. There were so many pretty lolitas in the hall. Why me? I can't really do anything right and my style isn't  that great to be honoured in such a way (。´╹A╹`。)

Ja ma vaatasin pingsalt põrandat//  And I'm staring at the floor xD 

Ja seal me siis seisime. Mu süda peksis meeletult ja ma ei vaatasin vist vaid enda ette maha.  Mingil hetkel Yuko seletas miks ta minu valis. Et mu coord oli küll üleni must, kuid detailid tulid kenasti välja jne. Ma ise ei jäänud muidugi oma riietuse üldmuljega rahul, sest hommikul läksid  roosid, mis pidid veel detailideks olema, katki ja ma unustasin taas paar teist aksessuaari. Aga ma olin õnnelik,et Yuko pidas seda kõike siiski küllalt heaks, et mind välja valida. See oli tõeline au minu jaoks ´‿`

And there we stood. My heart was beating really fast and I probaly just stared at the floor infront of me. At some point Yuko explained why she chose my outfit ー>My coord was completely black but the details came out nice etc. I myself wasn't really happy with my coord, since the roses, which  I wanted to use as extra details broke in the morning and I forgot about a few other accessories I wanted to use. But I was still really happy, that Yuko was kind enought to think, that my coord was good enough. It was a real honour for me ´‿`

 Boolero ja seelik /Bolero andSkirt: Atlier Pierrot
Pluus/ Blouse: Moitie
Pross/Brooch :Triple Fortune
Peakaunistus/Headdress: Alice and the Pirates
Kett/Necklace: Atelier Boz

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hellocon 2014 - part one

Nädalavahetusel toimus Helsingis Hellocon 2014 - Skandinaavia suurim (ja minu teada ka ainus xD) lolitadele mõeldud üritus. Päev varem tuli Katrina siia ning me üritasime Ashizawa Yukole ning Midorile sobivat kinki leida. See osutus üsnagi raskeks, kuid lõpuks leidsime enam-vähem sobivad esemed. Ööl vastu laupäeva magasime suhteliselt vähe ning sõitsime esimese laevaga Soome. Magamatus, kuumus, meigi tegemine ja laeva kõikumine ei mõjunud mulle just kõige paremini ja mingil hetkel andis mu organism lihtsalt alla. See polnud just kõige toredam sõit. Õnneks hakkas enesetunne Helsingisse jõudes paranema. Käisime ruttu hotellist läbi ning liikusime Gloria suunas. Teel sinna nägime ka teisi lolitasid ning järgnesime neile.

Hellocon 2014 - the biggest and probably the only lolita convention in the Scandinavia was held in Helsinki last week. Katrina came one day before Hellocon to my place and we went looking for presents for Ashizawa Yuko and Midori. It was quite hard, but in the end we did manage to find somthing more or less fitting. I hardly slept on the night before Hellocon and we took the first ship in the morning to Finland. The lack of sleep, heat, doing makeup and the sea waves didn't do any good to me and at one point my body  just couldn't handle it all. Let's just say it wasn't the best ride of my life. Thankfully I started feeling better when we finally arrived in Helsinki. We went to the hotel, left our luggage there and headed to Gloria. On our way there we saw other lolitas and just followed them, since we haven't been to Gloria before.

Cloudberry Lady kleidid // The dresses from Cloudberry Lady

Kui me parajasti jalatseid vahetasime tuli Sandra koos Midoriga trepist alla ja ma hüppasin talle kaela. Me pole üksteist Jaapanist saati enam näinud. Nii tore oli temaga taas juttu ajada ♥ Nägin siis esimest korda Midorit ka lähemalt. Ta oli nii armas ja väike. Ajasime veidi juttu ning nad suundusid edasi backstage ja meie peasaali. Seal toimus Q&A Midoriga, mida viis Sandra läbi. Midori kohta sai nii mõndagi huvitavat teada. Peale seda oli brand vs off-brand hääletus, aga seda ma teatud põhjustel pikemalt kommenteerima ei hakka. Peagi algas moeshow, kus Cloudberry Lady kleit oma originaalsusega kogu tähelepanu endale sai. See oli teistest nii erinev ja ilus.

Sandra and Midori came down the stairs while we were changing shoes and I ran up to Sandra and hugged her. We haven't seen eachother since Japan, so it was really nice to talk to her again ♥ This was also the frist time I saw Midori up close. She was so cute and small. We talked a bit and they headed backstage and we went to the main hall. There was a Q&A session with Midori where Sandra acted as a treanslator. Got to know new stuff about Midori. After that there was brand vs off-brand voting, but I'm not going to talk about that for longer because of certain reasons. Soon after that there was a fashionshow where a dress from Cloudberry Lady really caught ones eye. It was so different from everything else and really pretty.

Järgnes Q&A Ashizawa Yukoga, mida vahendas taas Sandra. Nagu truule Atelier Pierroti fännile kohane istusin Maka ja Katrinaga esireas. Peale seda vaatasime nii sama ringi ja ostsime paar asja. Kui juba lolitariided kohale tuuakse peab ju head juhust kasutama. Mingil hetkel kohtusin taas Sandraga ning me läksime teisele korrusele pildistama. Ajasime veel veidi juttu ning peagi liitusid meiega Katrina ja Maka, kellega me samuti grupipildi tegime. Loodetavasti ilmuvad need varsti ka netti.

After that there was a Q&A with Ashizawa Yuko and Sandra also translated this. As a true Atelier Pierrot fan I sat frontrow with Maka and Katrina. After that we just looked around and bought a few things. One just has to use the chance to buy lolita clothing withouth getting customs invovled etc.  At some point I saw Sandra again and we headed to the second floor to get our photos taken. We chatted for a while and were joined by Katrina and Maka. After a while we got our estonian lolitas picture taken. I hope those will be uploaded soon.

Soome lolitade moeshows osalejad // The lolitas who took part in the fairy forest fashionshow

Pildistamine venis veidi pikaks ning me jõudsime järgmisele moeshowle kahjuks alles poole pealt. Moeshow teemaks oli muinasjutud ja seal osalesid Soome parimad lolitad. Mul jäi suu lahti seda nähes. See oli lihtsalt nii vapustav. Ma pole varem nii head moeshowd näinud. Õnneks lindistas keegi seda, nii et ma saan seda ka siin näidata ja vapustavad kogemust jagada ♥

It took quite a while to get our photo taken so we missed half of the next fashionshow. The theme was fairytales, the show was called  fairy forest fashionshow and the best finnish lolitas took part in it. I was so amazed by the fashionshow. It was just so great. I have never beofore seen a fashionshow that good. Thankfully someone recoreded it, so I can share the fantastic experience here ♥


Hotelli jõudsime tagasi seitsme paiku õhtul ja saime siis esimest korda sel päeval süüa. Olime üle 12 tunni näljas olnud, aga see oli seda väärt. Õhtul oli hotellis mingi pidu ja lärm kostis ka meie ruumi, kuid me olime nii väsinud,et jäime sellele vaatamata koheselt magama. // We went back to the hotel and ate for the first time in the day  around 7 in the evening. We were starving for over 12 hours straight but it was so worth it. There was some kind of a party at the hotel in the evening/night and the noise even reached our room, but since we were so tired it didn't really stop us from falling a sleep really fast.

Nonii, nüüd sai esimene päev vist kirja. Nägin palju oma iidoleid, kuid ei julgenud neile läheneda. Nad olid lihtsalt nii perfektsed ja ilusad. See on uskumatu kui head ikka Soome ja Venemaa lolitad on. // This was my summary for the first day. I saw so many people who have been inspiring me in my lolitalife, but I was too afraid to go up to them and ask for a picture. They were just so perfect and beautiful. It's really unbelivable how good the Finnish and Russian lolitas are.

Outfitshot with Sandra ♥
Boolero/Bolero: Aatp
Kleit/Dress: Atelier Pierrot
Saapad/Boots: Queen Bee
Peakaunistus/Headdress: Victorian Maiden

Mu riietus oleks pidanud veidi teistsugune olema,aga kuna mul oli laeval nii paha olla, siis ma unustasin enamus oma aksessuaaridest ;A;  // The outfit should have been a bit different, but since I felt so sick on the ship I forgot half of the accessories I wanted to use ;A;