Monday, September 1, 2014

A visitor from Austria

Last week my lovely friend Sylvia from Austria came to visit me. We have known eachother for about 12 years now ♥ We held a small meetup in her honor. At first everyone was supposed to come to the meetup,  but as the date got nearer a lot of people sadly cancelled. We went to Kadriorg art museums exhibition and had a look at Eveline von Maydell's A World in Black and White. I really liked her stuff.

 Sylvia being pretty as always ♥♥

After the museum we headed to Cafe Mademoiselle (the one at Paldiski road ) which wasn't as good as I had hoped. Sure the cakes were good, but the person in charge wasn't. We had a reservation at 3 o'clock, but we ended up getting there earlier. I asked the staff about our reservation since we were there too early and there were people sitting at the place where we had a reservation. It wouldn't have been a problem for us to sit at a different place though, since the place was almost empty.

The cashier went to the guy who was in charge to ask about the reservation. He came out for a bit, looked at us and went back to where ever he came from without saying a word to us. We stood there without any information for about 10 minutes and then asked the cashier again. The girl went back to ask again and then came out only to tell us that since we were too early the place we wanted was taken, which as I said before, wasn't really a problem since we could have sat elsewhere. She then guided us to another place and they pushed a few tables togehter. The service itself was nice, but the guy who was in charge of the reservations really ruined the whole thing for me. 

Katrina infront of the cakes ♥

After the cakes we wen't to look for another place to eat something more filling. We walked around and ended up at Kapten Tenkeš. The service was really friendly + the food was good and we discovered that one of our lolitas was (and still is) a small celebrity there. She lives near the place so the staff always sees her and calls her Jane Eyre  (๑>ᴗ<๑)

After that most of the people went home. Katrina came with me and Sylvia to my place and we ended up talking for a few hours and Katrina almost missed her last train home since we had so much fun (✿◠‿◠)

Blouse: Atelier Pierrot
Vest: Alice and the Pirates
Corset: BPN
Skirt: Atelier Boz
Tricorn: Corgi-Corgi