Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hellocon 2015

Uh, I finally found some time to write about Hellocon. This time we went there with a bigger group - there were 6 of us!  Valeria came extra from Italy to Estonia for a week so she could go to Hellocon with us ♥ We learned from last years experience and went to Finland on friday, so we had more time on saturday to sleep, eat and get dressed. 

With Mariliis and Katrina

There were fashion shows, panels and workshops. I really like the panel over Finlands lolita history. They have had this pink strawberry cardigan(?) going around in the community for a long time. Someone sells it, someone buys it and so it changes its owners. We thought about it and came to the conclusion that we also have something like that - a wig from GLW. I bought it, sold it to Mariliis and she sold it to Ketly (she was also wearing it at Hellocon ♥ ) I did like "The Carnival of Decadence" fashion show, but it wasn't as good as  the one last years, imo. I also saw a lot of people in amazing coords and I felt really underdressed for the event xD

 Atelier Pierrot and Sheglit ( if I'm not mistaken)

 Lovely people with amazing coords

 This is one of my favourite coords from Mariliis. I'm so happy my tophat got to be part of it :D

The Tea Party was held on sunday. Since AP was the guest of honour there were a lot of people wearing it. I was afraid that I will be the only black soul around, but there were other gothic lolitas as well. The TP was in a room full of amazing dresses. Sadly it was really crowded and we couldn't move as freely as last time. I really enjoyed the bingo - every one got so fired up and it was a lot of fun. Somehow 4 of us ended up on APs page in a report over Hellocon. I never would have thought that I might end up there xD; But I'm really glad for the other girls, since they are big fans of AP.

Ketly with her new gorgeous friend (her coord was just perfect!) and one of the dresses (reminded me of Juliette et Justine)

 And my coords for Hellocon (first and second day)

  Blouse: Atelier Pierrot
JSK, Headdress: Aatp
Socks: Chantilly

 Hat: Aatp (borrowed from Mariliis)
Blouse, cape, skirt : Atelier Boz
Corset and the second skirt : BPN

And of course my shopping haul from Hellocon. Not much, but I was happy with the things I got. 3 artbooks from Sakizo ♥ And tights from Grimoire that I plan to wear together with my Stained Glass JSK from Moitie.