Thursday, December 17, 2015

Halloween meetup + other stuff

This year we decided to go watch Crimson Peak for our Halloween meetup. Since the meetup was exactly on halloween it was super easy to say to people that we dressed like this just for halloween and we didn't have to explain ourselves any further. People of course still took sneaky (or not so sneaky) pictures of us. One man talked to us on the tram and some other man just took the opportunity and took a picture of us. Katrina joked that Sofia and I looked like a bride and her groom. Sofia was dressed all in white and looked like a bride while I was wearing my beloved tophat hence being the groom. 

 The lovely bride

The cafe we went to was empty and the staff seemed excited to see us (the cooks etc were looking at us from the kitchen). While we were taking outfitshots some Finnish man walked up to us and began to talk.

"Why are you dressed like this?"
"Because it's halloween."
"Oh I thought something anime related"
*Awkward smile*
"Is this your real hair?" (and at that point he just touched my wig...)
I channeled my inner Alaska and went "This is my hair. I don't wear wigs." (I have waited for this opportunity)
After that he luckily went back to his buddies.

Since we didn't want to come too late to the movie we went to the staff in order to pay. And... the guy came over again and asked us for a picture. I'm pretty sure he didn't take a picture and filmed us instead while asking our names etc, which was rather unpleasant.
The movie itself was ok. I was hoping for a better plot, but hey at least the dresses and places were amazing.

JSK, jabot, necklace: Metamorphose
Bolero: Marble
Tophat: Atelier Boz, decorated with a brooch from Miss Danger
Collar (which is actually a bonnet): Medusa Couture
Underskirt: Atelier Boz 

 A closer view of my tophat. I love the brooch so much

On other news: I finally got Roland! I bought it in mens size, because I wanted it to fit perfectly (titan problems) and it does. I'm sooo happy゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

On other news part 2: I visited the doll exhibiton a few days ago with 2 of my friends and fell in love with Vladlena's dolls. I just have to share a few of them.

 Those 2 reminded me of Gackt for some reason.

And a cute kitten toy (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Vienna - part 3

The Afterparty (Gothic Dandy & Lolita Music Festival)

 Die Milch

Since we were really tired we ended up going to the afterparty a bit later, so we sadly missed Swansong for a Raven. We got there during Meinhards performance, but saw only the last few songs, which were nice. I really liked their aesthetics. Lolita KompleX went on after them and the main act was Die Milch. I was so excited to see them. They were so so so so so sooooooooooo cute. I'm really happy I got to see them live. After the event was over my body died on me and we had to take a taxi back home (sorry Sylvia ;_; ).

Bring and Buy

On sunday there was Bring and Buy, which turned out to be rather busy with a lot of items for sale. I managed to sell 2 wigs and a skirt ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ From time to time we went over to Metas stall to talk to them. Since we worked super hard the day before with them, Matsuoka and Taira decided to give us presents as a reward. I got a black blouse, which I had my eye on already at the TP, and Sylvia got a white blouse, which was perfect for her. I was and still am super happy over the blouse (´,,•ω•,,)♡ Thank you so much Matsuoka and Taira ♥

After Bring and Buy there was a "goodbye dinner" with Metamorphose and Die Milch. We talked about the lolita communities in the west, how everything is organized here and if the lolitas here are into cosplay etc. They also talked about Mana(-sama) and said that Mana won't let anyone do his makeup, because no one would get it done the way he wants. Also, no one would recognize him on the street because he looks like a normal oji-san without his makeup. Matsuoka liked my ring a lot and looked closely at its design (so now I'm hoping they will release more gothic accessories in the future •̀.̫•́✧).


On monday we went to Sisi Museum with Meta. There was a lot of gold and fancy plates etc. I mosly enjoyed the 2nd floor where the royal family used to live. It was gorgeous. Sadly it was forbidden to take pictures there. After the museum we went to Cafe Central for a cake and then headed back to the hotel to put Meta on a taxi to the airport.  In the evening we just chilled around at Sylvias place - watched Kuragehime and Fatal Frame.


My last day in Vienna. We went to buy some presents for my family (a lot of chocolate) and visited Sylvias siter, who showed us around at her workplace (Weltmuseum Wien) and explained us stuff. She was super smart (I think it runs in the family *looks at Sylvia*) The evening was yet again nice and relaxed after the stressful but fun weekend.

I really enjoyed my trip to Vienna. Thank you Sylvia, for having me and putting up with me for the whole week! I'm happy that I got to meet a lot of new people and talk to people who I have known until now only from the internet. I'll be back ♥