Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hellocon 2016

In the middle of june some of our community members travelled to Finland for a weekend full of lolita activities aka to Hellocon. As always, we went already on friday to avoid waking up too early and rushing to the ship. Thanks to a friend of mine we also got a cabin on our way there and back, so we could avoid people (mostly small children running around and making way too much noise).

On the first day there were was a convention dedicated to lolita fashion with lectures, fashion shows, buying opportunities and other activites. The location was different than last year and I liked it a lot more, since we had more space to move around and there was much more light (it was a bit cramped the last two years). Mariliis took part in the designer fashion show and was a model for Mossbadger.

Since I wrote my master's thesis about kawaii aesthetics and street fashion, the lecture about Cuteness as resistance - femininity and feminism in lolita was a must see for me. It was really interesting to hear about the methods and theories, that were used for the research. Saw names of people I already knew, but also learned a few new ones.

 Q&A with BTSSB

 Project runway designers and models

After the lecture there was a Q&A with BTSSB, a bow tying contest, project runway and a fashion show from BTSSB/AATP.  I don't really remember anything about the Q&A (this is what happens when you blog about an event more than a month later ●︿●). The bow tying contest was fun to look at and project runway was also great. BTSSB/AATP fashion show was gorgeous and lasted for quite a long time. There was also a small play  The Frog Prince with items from Cloudberry Lady, which was really awesome.

 BTSSB/AATP fashion show
 The Frog Prince play

My coord for the first day of Hellcon
Tophat: Atelier Boz
Blouse: h.NAOTO
Skirt: Atelier Pierrot
Corset: BPN
Accessories: Miss Danger, Alchemy Gothic

There was a tea party on the second day of Hellocon.  Everyone was super nicely dressed and the music was fitting to the theme Children of the Night –Masquerade Ball. They had an activity that reminded me of  lolita valentines - everyone had to draw themselves on paper and pass it around the table so people could write compliments etc on it. I think it was a great idea from the organizers and it brings back memories from the event every time I see the paper. 

There was also a raffle and BTSSB gave everyone a small bag as a memory.  In addition, everyone could take a picture with the guest of honor. However, since there wasn't much time left everyone had to do it rather fast and there wasn't really any time to speak to them (besides greeting and thanking them for the photo). BTSSB uploaded pictures of the visitors on their twitter and 4 of us ended up being on them. Sofia was under the category "visitors with vampire prints", Mariliis under "visitors with a unique style", Katrina under "visitors with cute coordinates" and I was under "gothic coordinates fitting the theme".

TP coord (inspired by queen Ravenna)
Bolero, JSK: AATP
Accessories: Pendulous Threads UK, Atelier Boz, Metamorphose
Boots: Queen Bee

Monday, July 4, 2016

ILD 2016

Oh wow, it's been a while since I last updated my blog. I was busy super busy with my thesis, so I didn't have a chance to organize anything lolita related. However, I did attend 2 lolita events last month (a meetup and Hellocon) so I will try to cover these next + write a few reivews, if I manage to overcome my laziness.


We had a meetup with Daki in june. Even though she is living in Germany, she is still a member of our community, so every time she visits Estonia we try to have a meetup for her ♥ This time our meetup was on the weekend of ILD, so the timing was perfect. We walked around in the old town and visited Cafe Maiasmokk. The aesthetic was nice, the food, however, was not so great. We also had to wait about an hour (or even more?) for our order (2 salads and one pasta). At least they brought the drinks earlier... We spent most ouf our time chatting and taking pictures. We also got a lot of compliments from the other guests. All in all it was really nice to see everyone again after months.

 Behind the scenes photo and my coord (which I'm not really happy about anymore (。•́︿•̀。) )
Jacket, skirt, necklace: Atelier Boz
Blouse: Moitie
Tophat: Aatp

Brooch: Miss Danger