Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poetry and Spleen

Last month we had a wonderful meetup at Kumu. Our main visiting purpose was  an exhibition about Victorian fashion called "Poetry and Spleen - The  Victorian Female Image and Fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev’s Collection".  It was one of the most gorgeous exhibitions I have visited. Everyone else at the meetup also seemed to like it. The visitors and workers at Kumu were fascinated about our dresses and some even took our photos.

Since Kumu had a lot of other exhibitions going on, we also took a look at  them. For me and Katrina it was a bit nostalgic, because we had a meetup there about 6 years ago. So we reenacted some of the old photos and had tons of fun doing so.

Same scene, different people

After a few hours at Kumu we finally went to eat. We wanted to go to Katharinenthal, but the place was booked for some event, so we went to Farm instead. The place was pretty empty, but the few guests who were there liked our dresses, asked us about the fashion and took photos with us. 

All in all - this meetup was super fun and one of the best we have had until now. The exhibition was fantastic and we got a lot of compliments the whole day long starting with the staff at Kumu and ending with drunkish estonians   at a supermarket. 

Blouse: BPN
Skirt: Atelier Pierrot
Hat: Taobao
Bag: Meta
Accessories: Atelier Boz, Alchemy Gothic, offbrand